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Neoflex™ 500 Series Interlocking Rubber Mat (12mm thickness)

Neoflex™ 500 Series Interlocking Rubber Mat (12mm thickness)

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Neoflex Interlocking Rubber Mat (Corner)

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Neoflex Interlocking Rubber Mat (Border)

  • Buy 8 for RM54.90 each and save 10%
  • Buy 20 for RM48.80 each and save 20%
  • Buy 60 for RM45.75 each and save 25%

Neoflex Interlocking Rubber Mat (Center)

  • Buy 8 for RM54.90 each and save 10%
  • Buy 20 for RM48.80 each and save 20%
  • Buy 60 for RM45.75 each and save 25%

Note: Interlocking pattern of this mat is not compatible with other kind of interlocking mats.

Common configurations:

  • 3 x 3pcs (1.5m x 1.5m) = 4 border, 4 corner, 1 center

  • 4 x 3pcs (2.0m x 1.5m) = 6 border, 4 corner, 2 center

  • 4 x 4pcs (2.0m x 2.0m) = 8 border, 4 corner, 4 center

  • 5 x 4pcs (2.5m x 2.0m) = 10 border, 4 corner, 6 center



Neoflex™ 500 Series is soft yet durable. It is composed of 80% SBR Rubber with 20% Mixed Colored EPDM Rubber, making it an appealing yet very cost effective flooring solution available in a vast variety of colors. It is ideally suited for fitness gyms, changing rooms, waiting rooms, walkways, exhibitions or temporary facilities.

  • Commercial, Recreational Flooring 
  • Simple And Easy Self Installation, 
  • 80% Recycled Black Rubber, 
  • 20% Synthetic Blue Colored EPDM Rubber 
  • Compliant to ASTM D2859, Class 1 
  • Complaint to EN 13501-1, Class Efl 


Area of Application

Fitness Gyms - Aerobics - Changing Rooms - Pool Surrounds - Offices - Entrances - Retail Areas - Auditoria - Corridors - Stadia - Cinemas - Buses - Trains 




12 mm


Square Tile Size

52 x 52cm


Interlock Size

50 x 50cm



1,000 kg/m3 [62.34 lbs./cu.ft.]




DIN 18032

Tensile Strength

1.39 N/mm2

DIN 18032

Tear Strength

9.7 N/mm


Taber Abrasion

0.53 gr


Shore Hardness A


ASM D2240

Remaining Indentation


DIN 53960

Noise Absorption

18dB [10 mm]

EN 20140/ISO 140


Class 1 [Sport Use]

ASTM D2859


Class 2 [Commercial Use]


Coefficient of Friction

Dry > 1.2, Wet > 1.2

ASTM D2047-97

Slip Resistance


ANZS 4596:1999

Thermal Stability

-40°C - 100°C

ASTM C1026


Neoflex Rubber Flooring is made of direction free



rubber chips supplied in a variety of sizes and



colors. Variations in shading and dispersion is




Question & Answer

Questions on Neoflex™ 500 Series Interlocking Rubber Mat (12mm thickness)

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From Haslina at Feb 20, 2018

Hi, may I know when will the border be in stock again? Thanks in advance!

From Sam at Feb 12, 2018


I want to make fill a small space (like a box). Nothing to big, can 2 corners join together to form 1 overall?

Or must a corner only fit a border or a center?



You can join 4 corners to form a square of 1m x 1m.

From Aaron at Jan 23, 2018

Hi. When will the border pieces be in stock again?

From Gary Cheng at Jan 22, 2017

If I have an odd room shape (a 45 degree angle wall) and the length/breadth of the room doesn't fit the tile size nicely, how do I go about laying down these tiles ?

You need to cut them using sharp utility knife to fit your shape.

From Aarti Patni at Aug 16, 2015

Can we get these interlocking mats in blue Color or clots other than black. I know that this is available at lead on blue Color

We only supply other colour options for bulk purchase, subjected to 2 months lead time.

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5 Item(s)

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11 customer reviews

Average rating
(based on 11 reviews)
  1. Good value

    By Vikram May 24, 2019

    Good value purchase. Had to wait a little while for them to come back into stock but it was worthwhile. All pieces fit together very smoothly and easily. The rubber smell has already dissipated after a few days of airing out my home gym.

  2. Good mat

    By A January 19, 2017

    Thick mat which ensures floor protection: both from noise and damage to flooring. Heavy rubber smell the first few days but it disappears over time.

  3. Looks and feels good

    By JJ December 21, 2016

    Yet to tried it out as I bought it for my house which is under renovation.
    But it feels really sturdy & good.

  4. Perfect Fit!

    By Order 114486 September 03, 2016

    Worth your money for your the price to pay. Protects the flooring and acts as great cushion for the ageing joints.

  5. Good quality Mats

    By SFO August 21, 2016

    Good quality mats that will protect your floor and also minimize any noise disturbance to neighbors.

    Tiny specks or rubber coming off initially, but the problem will be gone after a while. Liked it a lot. Highly recommended.

  6. Best investment ever

    By Bastien August 03, 2016

    This is a great addition to make sure that your floor remain protected. Tiles were slightly curved when received however I believe that with time they will flaten out well.

  7. Does its Job

    By EK March 10, 2016

    + looks like one complete mat when joined together . absorbs impact , lower the noise u produce . comes in 0.5m which allows you to customize according to your need . dense enough . the smell of the mat is not that strong , goes away after awhile . stays on .

    - small pieces of rubber comes out when u just get it , disappears after awhile

  8. Seamless Customization Flooring Solution

    By This is Han Ong February 24, 2016

    Performs perfectly to task with a durable composition to absorb heavy impact to go along with a comfortable feel for home-users who go bare-foot.

    The main purchasing factor over other mats was the ability to customize the floor coverage (no thanks to HDB's 'artistic' floor plans) due to its smaller dimensions and interlocking function.

    Interface was seamless once the mats are locked in place and they remain permanent without adhesives to the floor due to its weight and grip; thus, causing zero damage to flooring.

    Main drawback was its (lack of) colour options, but I am picking bones from an egg.

  9. Neoflex™ 500 Series Interlocking Rubber Mat (12mm thickness)

    By Eddie Tay November 05, 2015

    After so much of checking and review. I had finally make a purchase of SGD 336.00 for 21 piece of Rubber mats from Homegym. while I received the rubber mats I will very impressive because the materials of the rubber mats as good as I see inside the gym. im so satisfied with the products. Good job Adrian. please help us to get more reasonable pricing products :)

  10. excellent purchase

    By Sherry November 03, 2015

    Thick, solid mats. No smell, which is wonderful.

    Not as seamless as I had hoped - can see the joints for some of the mats, even after applying pressure to lock it.

    Tiny specks of rubber stick to the feet when new, cleaning a few times seems to have eliminated this problem.

    All in, the problems are minor and the mats work well under my home gym setup.

  11. Must have mat for a homegym

    By Ric October 04, 2015

    I spent $600 to polish the broken marble flooring in my house. Investing in $216 for 12 pcs of Neoflex 500 is worth it. I was surprised to see that the mats were quite thick, dense, and heavy. They are indeed heavy duty mats suitable for a HDB home gym. My recommendation is to purchase these mats first before you purchase your bench, rack, and other equipment. Fortunately, I bought my mats together with my Versabench and used them during the bench assembly. I needed 9 only but bought 12 instead so when I purchase a rack, I can just add in the other pieces to 2 x 1.5M area. ONce the mats are connected, they are seamless. Its like having one solid mat! The mats do not smell at all compared to what I read about other cheap alternatives posted on the internet. If you need to do it right, don't go for cheap mats. Get Neoflex 500 series!

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Neoflex™ 500 Series Interlocking Rubber Mat (12mm thickness)

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