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Infinity Series - Half Rack

Infinity Series - Half Rack

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The Infinity Rack Series is a highly configurable system whereby you can start with a basic rack and have the ability to add on a growing list of attachments to form a more personal rack to suit your needs. Some of its great features are its small footprint, high load capacity, small hole spacing, weights/bar storage, chin up/dips bar, and this list will not stop growing.
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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

3 Item(s)

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Heavy Duty High Quality
I'm very happy with this product, I now have no excuses not to train at home!

The product is heavy duty and very stable which inspires confidence, and is versatile enough to be used for shoulders, chest and legs and back. My routine now revolves around this frame, I don't need anything else.

I'd definitely recommend buying this product if you can't find the time to visit a gym after work but enjoying lifting free weights.

I also paid for the assembly, the service was great and the guy installing the frame were very accomodating to changes I suggested (the set up e.g. chin height bar is configurable, there were no issues when i asked for the bar to be removed). By Hammer / 2/12/2018
Great product, perfect even, but terrible instructions
It fits my needs exactly and is very affordable compared to similar products, even if the sale ends. It's very sturdy, all welds are clean, paint is completely intact, and the whole thing has a premium feel about it. I'm 1.9m tall and I can't do OHP in a full power rack, and this solves that problem. This is something you may want to consider if you're very tall. I don't think t he pull up bar is too thick at all. It's the same thickness as an Olympic bar, if not very slightly thinner.

However, the instructions are absolutely terrible. Follow the video. It is not in order ABCDFH. In fact, they break A up and spread its steps throughout the process. Notice they didn't use the small rectangular plates in SML-A. These are actually for a different product. Also, they are not doing it in the order ABCDFH. C is done before B so that the pull up bar (not in frame) hold the left and right sides together because that cross bar at the bottom is not attached yet. Those little diagonal supports are in Carton D, if I'm not wrong.

As with any assembly, do not overtighten. It can bend the metal. But be especially careful of the bolt at the very top of the shorter vertical posts. Weld are the weak points in any structure and this bolt is very close to one. Overtightening is usually a minor issue, but here it could cause a break.

The four vertical posts are NOT symmetrical. Look at the sides. One side has small holes and the other has large holes. Large holes face outwards, always. I installed my large holes on the taller posts facing inwards in case I wanted to add steps for my shorter friends to do pull ups. The plate holders are 1" with adapters to hold 2" Olympic plates. They are not held on by air pressure or glue. There is a tiny screw on the adapter, not shown in any instructions. Tighten this with a small hex key, smaller than the Allen keys provided, until the adapter stays on securely. Eight holders are provided, as in the picture, though the video shows 10 in use.

Many parts are partially preassembled. For example, the rubber feet are already attached, as are the nylon pads. These are shown in the exploded views. Do not panic that they're not in the box, they're just part of another part.

If you have any problem, this site seems to have legendary customer service, in my limited experience. By Ethan Yap / 5/5/2017
Good product
The rack is great, only drawback is that the pull-up bar is too thick By nickname / 11/21/2016

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