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The Benefits Of Thick Bar Training

There has recently been something of a re-discovery of thick bar training; a training style which Old-Time Strongmen knew all about and used to great effect but which has almost been forgotten in modern times.

In this article, we will examine how thick bar training works, why it is now used by bodybuilders, NFL teams and Special Forces soldiers and why it can make a BIG difference to YOUR muscle and strength gains.

What Is Thick Bar Training?

If you are not familiar with thick bars, they are simply barbells, dumbbells and pull-up bars with a much thicker handle. A standard barbell, dumbbell, or pull-up bar typically has a handle with a diameter of about 1 inch. A thick bar will often have a diameter of more like 2.5 inches (some look more like truck axles) an...


What are the views of regular gym-goer on setting on home gym?

Many people may argue that why pay so much for the equipment when you can just pay $2.50 for clubfit entry. However what they have missed out is the travelling cost and time. A home gym is a lifelong investment, it is definitely more worth to build your own gym rather than wasting the time to travel and squeeze with the crowd.

Some may say that you are wasting money on weights as you will always outgrow them. First of all, here are some facts:

1) Newbies to weightlifting gain muscle much faster than people who have been lifting a long time.

2) As you train, you will get diminishing returns until you reach your genetic maximum.

As such, many of us who trained non competitively will never have a chance to reach our maximum. On average...


Before setting up your home gym, here are some of the points you have to think about:

1) How big is your available space? How much extra space can you create?

This will determine what kind of equipment you are able to put in your available space.

2) What is your goal?

Again, this will determine what kind of equipment you will need to achieve your goal.

3) What should you do when you are on tight budget?

Having a home gym is a lifelong investment, it can be built with time. Limited budget will only hold you back temporarily, but will never hold you forever. You must plan on the most suitable equipment to get currently, and also slowly plan on growing your home gym.

Equipment list

Adjustable dumbbell set

Adjustable dumbbell set

There are tons of exercise and workout routines you can perform using the dumbbell. You should ge...


An adjustable weight dumbbell set is most suitable to be used in home gym. It is because the amount of weight one can handle will vary with different routine, therefore you can perform more routines using an adjustable dumbbell as compared to a fix weight dumbbell.

They come in plates of different weights and handle to hold the plates. A typical set comes with plates of hole diameter between 2.55-3cm. The handle also varies in diameter to suit the plates. In addition, you are able to purchase and add new plates to your existing set when you become stronger in the future.


  • Dumbbell with rubberised plates to reduce noise and protect floor
  • Rubber handle to provide comfort
  • Thicker grip (thicker diameter handle) to provide more intensity and result from workout

Suitable product: 20kg D...


The Problem with Dumbbells.

Progressive Loading Impossible.

The key to building muscle & strength is progressive loading. Beginners can easily add 2.5kg on the bar each workout. With dumbbells you’re adding 2.5kg per hand. Systematic increases of 5kg (both hands) lead to stalling sooner.

No Quality Leg Workout.

Dumbbell Lunges, Step-ups & Dumbbell Squats will never stress your legs as hard as Squats & Deadlifts. Furthermore, as the weight gets heavier, it will be harder to grip the dumbbell while doing the workout. 

Time Consuming. 

 For adjustable dumbbells, changing the weight on these takes longer than changing the weight on a barbell. Unless you have tons of dumbbells, you’ll lose time adding & removing weight. 

Harder to get in position.

 When you're pressing a lot of weight, barbells often p...


Identify your goals and constraints

These are the question you should ask yourself before making a decision:

Folding or Non Folding

For people with space constraint, folding bench will be a better choice as they can be folded to be kept away. However folding bench offer less stability and functions as compared a non folding bench. At, we have taken these points into consideration and offered folding bench which are as stable as non folding bench as well as non folding bench which can be kept in a compact manner.

Here we will compare some of our most popular benches:

Deluxe folding bench

Pros: Light and compact. Stable enough for most usage. Able to use as decline, flat and incline. 

Cons: Seat not adjustable. Backrest can only go up to about 70 degrees max.

F-VB Force USA - VersaBench ...


Here we will list some of the popular workout programs, categorized in terms of beginner, intermediate and expert. It is advised to follow closely to a good workout program because they have been proven to work by many bodybuilders.


  • Stronglifts
    • This routine has been used by thousands of people to build muscle and lose weight. It is recommended to starters to gain strength while familiarizing with the big lifts. Very comprehensive guide provided in their main website.
    • 3 different exercises to be performed each workout, 3 times per week.
    • 5 sets of 5 reps to be done per exercise.
    • Weight increment by 2.5kg per session.
  • Starting Strength
    • Less information are provided in their main website, thus the link provided for this workout is to a guide in a forum. You are required to buy the book for ...


Our bodies learn to compensate for what we throw at them every day, but we can exceed our ability to recover via too many intense workouts, poor posture, and other lifestyle factors.

This is when you need assistance using recovery techniques or through seeing a professional.

We can’t all afford a personal massage therapist or have an OSIM Massage Chair lying at home to regularly ease out the kinks, soreness, and tight spots in our muscles.

STOP, before you started getting depressed, there is a good news. There is a way to massage oneself, with the benefit of being able to control exactly where and how much pressure to apply. The magic here is call "Foam Rolling".


Tight IT Bands?  Hamstrings?  What about just general soreness from daily life? Foam Rolling will "unlock your body" and help ...

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