Our aim of writing this guide is to touch on the important parts to look out for when buying a treadmill, and we will keep it short and sweet!


Make sure to always find out the CHP (continuous) as some may use peak HP to make the motor seems bigger than it actually is. In general, higher HP will allow the motor to run with less strain and thus able to use for a longer period of time with less heat generated.


With speed being constant, a higher incline level will burn more calories and have less impact on the joints. 

Running Area

The optimal area we advise is at least 50 x 140cm. This is so that the user do not have to worry so much about running out of track and can focus on the exercise. For example, when the user is tired, he/she will tend to sway left and right.


Nowadays, there are many brands of treadmill available. However, a brand without a good history is not able to provide good functionality and quality. 

Moreover, there are many factors which can cause a treadmill of this particular brand to go out of support. From time to time, we received request to repair treadmills which we are not able to fulfill simply because the spare part for that particular model is not available. Thus, rather than spending just to repair a particular part, the user has to replace the whole treadmill. 

Buying a good brand treadmill means having support from all over the world as they have many agents and will continue to provide spare part for years to come. Additionally, you get the quality assurance as well. A worldwide recognised brand is the way to go for reliability!


The longer the warranty, the more value the treadmill is. However there are also exceptions to this as the most important thing is that the seller have to honor the warranty. Thus it is important to buy from a reliable shop with good reviews (easy to find from social media site) rather than from 3rd party marketplace where the seller can escape their legal obligation.

For more info

There are many other points that can be discussed, but they are based more on user requirements and are not the main factors. For those who are interested to research more, many comprehasive guides can be found from other well known websites. for example: