Before setting up your home gym, here are some of the points you have to think about:

1) How big is your available space? How much extra space can you create?

This will determine what kind of equipment you are able to put in your available space.

2) What is your goal?

Again, this will determine what kind of equipment you will need to achieve your goal.

3) What should you do when you are on tight budget?

Having a home gym is a lifelong investment, it can be built with time. Limited budget will only hold you back temporarily, but will never hold you forever. You must plan on the most suitable equipment to get currently, and also slowly plan on growing your home gym.

Equipment list

Adjustable dumbbell set

Adjustable dumbbell set

There are tons of exercise and workout routines you can perform using the dumbbell. You should get a dumbbell set which is able to add or remove weights, so that you can adjust the weight accordingly to suit different routine.

Click for tips on how to choose the right dumbbell set



We will be giving more tips on the above points and also more information on setting up your perfect home gym. Stay tuned…